Get involved and fundraise for us!

By fundraising as part of your Enterprise 4 Change, you are bringing in money to support the children you have learnt about!


Find out more about the amazing children we support by reading about them on Toybank and Door Step School's websites!









These children need your help and you can support them with some creative, entrepreneurial and Indian themed fundraising ideas - check them out below!




Block Printing

Just like in our Interdependence Lesson, why not get children fundraising with Block Printing? Children can use printing blocks to make their own art prints, either on clothes (skirts, t-shirts) or on paper. These can either be sold to parents and other children in an after school sale, or made into an art exhibition which charges a small fee for entry. In this way the children can be creative and support the children in Mumbai who inspired their art!


Materials needed: Block prints, paint/ink, materials to print on (Clothing/paper), cheap frames (for art exhibition).

Newspaper Bags

To tie in with our Slum Experience lesson children can make and sell some of Asha's newspaper bags! Children can bring in old newspapers (the more pictures the better!) and make them into unique carrier bags. Check out this simple guide to see how to make a newspaper bag in 5 minutes! These can be sold after school to parents for a novel way to carry their shopping.


Materials needed: Newspapers, Scissors, Cardboard, String/plastic handles, Ballpoint pen.

Story Square Plays

Put on a Story Square play! Create a story square for each of the stories in our story bank. Practice them; ensuring every child gets a role in at least one story.  You can then sell tickets for a short evening of stories about the lives of children living in urban slum communties. This will allow children to share their newly acquired knowledge with their friends and familes and raise money for their peers in Mumbai at the same time.

For a more impressive show, dress up in traditional Indian dress!


Top Tip: For the performance, have the children as three sides of the square with the audience as the fourth side. This ensures that nobodies view is blocked.

Water Relay Race

One of the biggest challenges children in the Mumbai’s slums face is fetching water. The majority of slum dwellers have to do a 100m round trip to collect the water that they will use that day. To teach children about this and raise some money to help the residents of Mumbai’s slums why not put on a water relay race? Children should be divided into teams of four. Each team has to fill their team container with 40 litre of water (the average amount of water a child in the slums uses each day) using a 10 litre jerry can.

Set up a 50m track with a water point at one end which the children can use to fill the can. After filing the can the child runs back and empties the can into the team container, after which the next child on their team goes. The first team to fill their container wins a prize!

Turn this into a fundraising activity by getting the children to collect sponsorship for the race, or have a small entry fee!


Materials needed: One 10 litre jerry can per team, one 40 litre container per team, water source, 50m track, prizes.


Top Tip: If collecting sponsorship have a prize for the team that raises the most money!

Chapatti Sale

Make Chapattis to sell to parents and students after school. Share the Indian culture that you have learned about with your peers and raise some money to help the children of Mumbai at the same time. Spice up your sale by serving curry, chutneys, or raita with your Chapattis! For a guide on how to make Chapattis and the ingredients you will need, check out the Chapatti making guide in the Empowerment Lesson in the Teacher Zone section in this website.

Eat Like a Child in an Urban Slum for the Day

If you have studied our Nutrition Lesson you will know roughly how many calories a child from Mumbai’s slums eats each day. Try gaining a greater understanding of exactly how much this is by trying the same diet for a day. Have family and friends sponsor you to eat liek this. This will give you an insight into what life is like for these children, as well as raising money for them to go to school and break out of poverty.


Top tip: You do not have to eat exactly the same food as the slum children do to achieve this. Their average calorie intake each day is 900. With your parents help, work out how much food that translates to.

Bollywood Clothes Day

Take your understanding of the lives of children in India a step further by spending a day in school wearing the colourful clothes that reflect Indian culture. Donate one pound to be able to dress up like this!

Henna and Bindi Stand

Set up a stall where students and teachers can buy beautiful, traditional Indian bindis and get beautiful henna tatoos on their hands and feet. We recommend using pre-mixed Henna tubes!

Slum Objects Competition

When it comes to fundraising, it’s important to try to relate to the people you are helping. Children in the slums spend their days making a living with the only materials they can find - rubbish. The ‘Slum Objects Competition’ allows children in schools to understand their struggle by making items from recycled rubbish. Have children bring in recyclable materials in a just like they do in the Slum Lesson. They can use these materials to make their objects. Children can pay a small entry fee to enter the competition and the child who makes the best item gets a prize! 

Bollywood Dancing

Fundraise with your competitive side in a Bollywood Dance Competition or with your creative side in a Bollywood Dance Show! Teachers and students: spend some lunch time or after school time learning how to dance Bollywood style with the aid of an actual Bollywood dance teacher or even just some videos off the internet. Put together your own dances and when you feel that your new moves are good enough for a crowd, put them to the test in a competition against your friends or teachers or a show for the parents. Parents can watch and be the judges of this Bollywood Bash for a small entry fee on the door.

Curry Night

Teachers and parents can enjoy a scrumptious meal cooked by their oldest students!

Enjoy the mouth-watering smells and flavours of Indian cuisine whilst chatting with friends and colleagues and eating food cooked by your own students. Each parent/teacher can pay a fee for the food just like a real restaurant and bring their own bottle or a cash bar could be set up so that drinks are available to buy too.

Indian Street Market

Get a real sense of Indian culture by creating your own India-inspired Street Market.  Drape bright colours of clothing and fabrics and dress up for the occasion for the full effect! Children can bring in their old toys to buy and sell on the stools, as well as selling items donated by parents and teachers. You may also wish to add cultural food and drinks to add to the atmosphere!

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