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Actor Dev Patel is a supporter of Enterprise 4 Change. He spent time in Mumbai filming Slumdog Millionaire and believes that there are some valuable lessons to be learnt from the kids that live there. Thanks for your support Dev!

       When I was filming Slumdog Millionaire in Mumbai, I was lucky enough to spend time with some of the incredible children that live in the slum communities there. 
I was amazed by how hard these kids work and how much responsibility they carry on their shoulders at such a young age.


These kids don’t have very much at all, and in some cases have to provide for their entire families; however, they still aim high and work really hard.  

Mumbai Experience  is an important project for both children in Mumbai’s slums and in the UK.  I for one am really excited that the lives of Mumbai’s super bright kids are being explored by their peers here in the UK and can’t wait to see what they learn from each other.


Good luck guys! 


Let’s make this happen!


Big Love,
Dev Patel   



Nel Hedayat, one of CBeebies amazing Newsround presenters, is a supporter of Lesson from Children to Children: Enterprise 4 Change. Below she explains why… Thanks for your support Nel!

        When people think of the words “children” and “slums” they instantly think of helpless children, with nothing to do with their lives trying simply to exist from one day to the next. Having been to Mumbai in 2010 as part of my BBC documentary ‘The Truth about Child Brides’, I visited a local slum and met with lots of children who live there. Those preconceived notions of poor little slum kids was just not the reality of what I saw.


I saw resourcefulness – kids building their own tiny little businesses selling gum and crisps in hopes of trying to open a little stall nearby. I saw entrepreneurial skill – with girls as young as 10 learning to sew by hand – save money then buy machines to grow their business. But most of all, the one thing that really made me love and respect these children so very much was the good-natured spirit with which they pursued their chosen paths. They refused to be victims of circumstance. They rose up and are rising up to be more, reach higher and achieve greatness. Something that I and we all can surely learn from them.