Under the ‘Lesson’ ticket you will find eight cross curricular interactive ‘experience’ lessons.

Each experience is unique and explores valuable life skills whilst teaching you about the colourful and bustling of city of Mumbai.

All of the resources that you will need are built into the lessons, so just click on them to make them appear!

You will also find a range of activities under the ‘activities’ ticket, some of which have been plucked straight from the lessons, (in case you like the activity but don’t want to do the whole lesson!)

These fictional tales will take you all over Mumbai where you will meet fascinating and hardworking children who will tell you about their lives and their families and all of the interesting things they get up to!

We went to Mumbai and spent time with some of the amazing children who live within the slum communities there.

Watch the videos to see what their home are like, hear what their dreams are and see how your lives may be similar or different.

Toys from Trash is an amazing set of ideas which help you to turn toys…into trash!

Here we have provided some of our favourite ideas from the Toys from Trash website which mix education, recycling and toy making into one activity!

teacher zone

Our lessons incorporate the stories and life experiences of children that work hard to survive in Mumbai's urban slum communities and encourage children here in the UK to tackle their own futures with the same grit and determination.


With video footage and practical activities, we encourage children to learn by doing and to take responsibility for their futures, so that they can become hardworking and conscientious individuals. 

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